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Guinea-Bissau: Instability inside PRS ‘Contaminates’ Internal Politics

An environment of general mistrust has been generated among the parties that support the PR, UMARU SISSOCO EMBALÓ (USE), namely between USE and the PM, NUNO GOMES NABIAN (NGN), who has important connections with the military leaders, with whom he has ethno-linguistic affinities arising from its Balanta roots; and between USE and MADEM G-15 on ministerial appointments (AM 1286).
Opponents of ALBERTO NAMBEIA (AN), president of PRS, are organizing with a view to overthrowing the current leadership, which they accuse of having transformed the party into a “crutch” of MADEM-G15, led by BRAIMA CAMARÁ.
Party sources say that the advance of FP is likely at a later stage, making it possible for a common front of several candidates to overthrow AN, whose re-candidacy is taken for granted at the next Congress. Despite the dissatisfaction and the negative electoral results, the current leader has postponed the holding of the Congress, which is also an aggravating factor internally. READ MORE