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Mozambique: Ivone gains prominence in RENAMO, with opposition led by CSOs

The need to “strengthen” RENAMO through the election of a new leader with more capabilities, is seen internally as an “imperative” for the survival of the party itself. It is conjectured that the “accommodative” position in which it is considered to be will lead to its progressive withering.
In civil society itself and in international circles more attentive to the situation in Mozambique, it is also considered that the lethargic state in which RENAMO finds itself needs to be reversed, for the good of the country. The absence of credible opposition is believed to foster relaxation in FRELIMO's governance.
The unanimous approval, at the beginning of MAY, of the new Statute for Parliamentary Officials and Agents by the Assembly of the Republic itself, putting in agreement parties with parliamentary seats - FRELIMO, RENAMO and MDM - was widely criticized among civil society, mobilizing several organizations against the initiative of the MPs. Following public protests and contempt involving university students, final approval is suspended, and the plenary discussion has been postponed.READ MORE