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Angola: Lourenço-Adalberto, The Meeting That Didn't Happen

Among the arguments that may have led João Lourenço to comply with the SIE's recommendation was the urgency of decompressing the internal political environment in order to blur effects thereof, considered “clear” - among which - The emergence of tensions and/ or fractures in society;
and the appearance of new signs of retraction in foreign direct investment (FDI).
The SIE has as DG Gen HIGINO DE SOUSA “ZÉ GRANDE”, an individual generally identified as being very close to JL. In theory, the SIE is the branch of the national security system facing outward, but in practice it also has activity at the internal level, sometimes in overlap/ competition with SINSE.
The fact that the hearing of JL to Adalberto da Costa Jr. was scheduled for a day when it was known that the leader of UNITA was leaving for a trip abroad, gave rise to conjectures according to which the PR's consent would have obeyed a political calculation: demonstrating openness, but avoiding its realization. READ MORE