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Morocco-PLP: Angola a Front of Supporter for SADR

Morocco continues to gain political ground in Africa on the issue of Western Sahara (WS), a territory not yet internationally recognized as under Moroccan sovereignty, but actually administered by Rabat. For Morocco, the opening of diplomatic consulates in the territory constitutes an express recognition of claims over the territory and a denial of the idea of ​​WS as an independent state (AM 1272).
Angola is described as the African country presently "most aligned" with the Polisario Front (FP) in the cause of the recognition of SADR.
According to a report on the subject, Angola's “activism” in favor of SADR has even surpassed that of Algeria - referred to a more discreet attitude due to changes in its regional policies caused by the effect of replacing leaders and inherent changes of policies registered under the FLN regime. READ MORE