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Angola: “Islamization” in Crescendo

Islamism in Angola has undergone an expansion in the last four years described by qualified sources as "more vigorous" than previously. The phenomenon is attributed to “a more permissive environment”, among other reasons due to an attitude of greater indifference by the authorities.
The Islamist population of Angola is approaching one million. Native Angolans, converted to the religion or already educated in it, are still a minority, compared to Muslims from Islamist countries in the Middle East and the W of Africa, (many of whom are already Angolans and with descendants). However, it is estimated that a parity between the two groups in the community will be established “soon”.
The “regional threat” that the United States associates with Islamic terrorism installed in NE Mozambique, is inspired by projections according to which the referred focus, if not eradicated, will tend to spread to “vulnerable” areas. The concept includes countries such as DR Congo and Angola, where large Islamic communities have been establishing. READ MORE