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Guinea-Bissau: Pressure Increases on DSP

In the face of the internal movement open in PAIGC (AM 1261) that seeks his removal from the leadership of the party, DOMINGOS SIMÕES PEREIRA (DSP) has remained determined, as demonstrated by the initiative to create a task force with the aim of preparing his re-election (for which he even asked for support from the MPLA, on a trip to Luanda in late 2020).
The deliberate absence of elected PAIGC representatives at a meeting between the Parliamentary leadership and the heads of the party benches with the PR of Portugal, MARCELO REBELO de SOUSA (MRS) raised the tone of the internal challenge to DSP as party leader.
The internal criticism of DSP is mostly related to his model of day-to-day management of the party and its political action, which they point out as the “reason” for what they consider to be the electoral erosion that the PAIGC has been undergoing.
The simple majority reached by the PAIGC in the 2019 legislative elections (previously, absolute majority) and the very defeat of DSP in the presidential elections afterwards, are considered a consequence of the “diminute aggregating spirit” with which he has been exercising leadership. READ MORE