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Angola: Opening of UNITA Lists to Opposition Parties Alarms Regime

According to verified information, the regime is preparing to adopt new practices and methods in the way it has until recently dealt with the threat it sees in an opposition grouping led by ACJ. The tensions generated in the regime by aspects considered “extreme” of the campaign to discredit ACJ, constituted one of the factors of change.
The acknowledgment that the aforementioned campaign was misguided (it is considered that it also ended up benefiting ACJ, presenting him as a “victim” of widespread social censorship), is illustrated in facts such as the following:
- FERNANDO MIALA, appointed as the mentor/promoter of the campaign, refers its authorship to NORBERTO GARCIA (GAPI) and JOSÉ TAVARES.
- Figures from circles close to the PR, JOÃO LOURENÇO (JL) indicate that he disapproved of aspects of the campaign against ACJ. READ MORE