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Mozambique: Lack of Coordination of External Military Interventions

Despite the organization's green light, the status of regional force has not yet been signed, a necessary formality for sending a brigade composed of SADC soldiers. At the Summit of the SADC Dual Troika on 27.MAY (South Africa, Mozambique, Botswana, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Tanzania), the participating members did not reach any common position regarding the technical report presented by the SADC mission to Cabo Delgado in APR., deferring the discussion to the end of JUN. The SADC mission proposed the dispatch of logistical means and troops from the navy, air force and army of the SADC member states, totaling 3,000 troops, as a matter of urgency.
The statute of force was signed only on 14.JUL. and sent to the SADC secretariat in Gaborone, just 1 day before the contingent dispatch deadline, according to Government sources. The delay, which created uncertainty in the deployment of the force, was interpreted as intentional at the SADC level, translating the priority of Rwanda's involvement. The Government, and FN himself, referred in formal and informal contacts to the need for support to other countries, with no objection from SADC, but the arrival of the Rwandan military surprised most regional partners. READ MORE