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São Tomé and Príncipe: Angola, Nigeria and Guinea-Bissau Dispute Election Influences

DELFIM NEVES (DN), businessman and president of the National Assembly, is the candidate whose campaign means, in the run up for the 18.JUL presidential elections, prove to be supported by more extensive financial resources.
The campaign of CARLOS VILA NOVA, (CVN) candidate presented by ADI, also reveals the existence of generous financial means, reflected in the vitality and animation of his campaign. It is common practice that the money available to his candidacy will have been raised by PATRICE TROVOADA (PT) between governments and foreign companies among which he enjoys acceptance (AM 1307).
Among the candidates supported by the main parties, POSSER da COSTA (PC), of the MLSTP/PSD, is the one that has been carrying out a campaign with less ostentation – a reflection of an alleged lack of support from Angola, with which the party has become accustomed to count for their election campaigns. READ MORE