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Mozambique: Deployment of Rwandan Troops in Cabo Delgado and Arrival of South African Gen. to Lead SADC Force

In Pemba, preparatory movements have already been identified that anticipate the arrival of the SADC intervention brigade led by South Africa. On 19.JUL, a C130 of the South African Armed Forces (SANDF) landed material (vehicles and miscellaneous equipment) and an advanced unit of South African military personnel at Pemba airport. The soldiers already disembarked are members of Brigade 43 as well as paratroopers. Military personnel from Botswana have already started to arrive in the province. Participation in the Zimbabwean military force is also planned (AM 1305).

The preparation of the SADC regional force, still open in terms of composition, participation of other member countries and size, comes with a significant delay in relation to the Rwandan force, which is already in operations. READ MORE