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Mozambique: FADM Reforms to Adapt to Foreign Troops in Cabo Delgado

A process of restructuring in the Mozambique Armed Forces (FADM) is underway, managed confidentially, under the responsibility of Adm JOAQUIM MANGRASSE (JM), mandated by PR FILIPE NYUSI (FN). The internal movements in the FADM are mainly intended to reduce the degree of distrust of foreign troops in the reliability of the Mozambican army in terms of protecting information shared by other countries.
Speed ​​has been one of the traits of JM, who already knew the situation in the General Staff of the FADM from the background, as head of the Military Cabinet of the PR for almost 6 years. In this urgency, the backdrop is the situation in Cabo Delgado, which works as a necessity for changes in the General Staff. A group of military commanders had already pressured FN to accept external military assistance, given the inability of the FADM to resist the advances of armed insurgent groups (AM 1308). READ MORE