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Angola: Electoral Prospects Upset MPLA

According to updated intelligence data, the “unrest” that the authorities privately let to show in relation to the next elections, resides especially in the constitution of an opposition electoral front (AM 1309), which are associated with characteristics such as the following:
- It brings together three opposition parties considered “genuine” (as opposed to the so-called “cousin parties” which are sponsored by the MPLA); the leaders of UNITA, ADALBERTO COSTA JÚNIOR (ACJ) and PRA-JA Servir Angola, ABEL CHIVUKUVUKU (AC), have high levels of popularity on a national scale; FILOMENO VIEIRA LOPES, is, along with other party leaders, a prestigious figure in Luanda society.
- Sectors and/or figures described as influential in civil society have shown themselves to be identified with the Front's project; ditto with regard to figures and currents of the MPLA regime itself, in this case also as a reflection of internal disagreements. READ MORE