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Mozambique: SISE Still “In the Dark” in Cabo Delgado, with Operations Focusing on Mocímboa

Gen ANTÓNIO HAMA THAI (AHT), current FRELIMO MP, is one of those who openly criticize SISE. AHT, who was chief of the General Staff during the civil war between FRELIMO and RENAMO and who was until recently a member of the National Defense and Security Council (CNDS), went so far as to assert that the apparent failure of FDS operations in combat in Cabo Delgado is due to the inefficiency of intelligence.
The FADM, under pressure from external partners prior to the decision to participate in the counter-insurgency in Cabo Delgado, has been seeking to compensate for the lack of human sources in the insurgent movement with technical means of aerial surveillance. It is within this scope that the purchase of the Mwari light patrol and intelligence-gathering aircraft, produced by the South African company Paramount, is included.
The forces of Rwanda are being committed offensively in “cleaning” operations, with the support of aerial surveillance means and with offensive capacity, with casualties already registered among insurgents in the district of Mocímboa da Praia, the main goal of the mission in the short term, after the taking of Awasse. The occupation of Mocímboa strips the insurgents of their main base of logistical support. Alongside the operations, a propaganda effort by the FADM and Rwandan forces through the media is noted. READ MORE