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Guinea-Bissau: Florentino Pereira enters Nambeia Succession Race in PRS

FLORENTINO PEREIRA (FP), SG of the Social Renewal Party (PRS), will run for party leadership against the current president (since 2012) and candidate ALBERTO NAMBEIA (AN). The election of the president will take place at the Congress scheduled for 16-19.SEP (AM 1299).

The opposition attributes the loss of party support to the wear and tear of the current leadership, as manifested in recent elections. The PRS was the main loser of the 2019 legislative elections (with 21 MPs, 20 less than in the previous term), a result attributed to the decision of AN, against the position of several members of the party's leadership, not to present a head of list for legislative elections (for the second time), opting for a post-election solution that pointed to the nomination of MALAM SAMBU, ambassador in Beijing, as head of a next government in case of electoral victory or coalition with MADEM-G15. READ MORE