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Mozambique: After Mocímboa, New Fronts Towards Mbau

In a first phase, the Western front advanced with motorized infantry until Diaca and Awasse (recovered), suffering ambushes that delayed the advance. Adapting the tactics to the insurgents' methods, IK ordered the infantry to proceed on foot, following the vehicles, sweeping the vicinity of the route. With superior weapons capability compared to the insurgents and with the technology to detect targets at a distance and operate at night, Rwandan troops began to advance more quickly, eliminating pockets of resistance along the way.

The three fronts moved forward in a coordinated way to the final assault on Mocímboa, after eliminating the outbreaks of insurgents on the approach to the district capital. Although RDF spokesperson Col. RONALD RWIVANGA (RR) has reported only one wounded since the start of the RDF mission, military sources consulted indicate that on this front there were c. 10 wounded in ambushes, all evacuated in RDF planes to Kigali. READ MORE