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Mozambique: Rwanda Boosts Contingent in Cabo Delgado and Moves to Assault on Insurgent Base

The main concern in the approach to Mbau is now the S part of Mocímboa, an extension of dense forest that descends to Macomia. This district was assigned to the SADC forces, whose mission was launched on 11.AUG. by PR FILIPE NYUSI (FN), but it has not yet been able to deploy on the ground to prevent the insurgents' descent to the S. The plan is to block the road that descends from Macomia-sede to the administrative post of Mucojo, crossing the dense forest of the Quirimbas National Park, with a length of about 45 km.
Despite the capture of Mocimboa, the stabilization of the N front is considered to be ongoing. Armed clashes and insurgent cell resistance are reported throughout the neighboring district of Nangade. The clashes result from the operation on the N, between Palma and Nhica do Rovuma, passing from the administrative post of Pundanhar to Nangade. The Front to the N is commanded by Rwandan Brig-Gen PASCAL MUHIZI. READ MORE