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Mozambique: Tensions Between Guebuza and Nyusi FRELIMO Allies Rise With Trial

Appeasement efforts at the level of FRELIMO in the “hidden debts” case, conducted in recent weeks by allies of PR FILIPE NYUSI (FN) towards former PR ARMANDO EMÍLIO GUEBUZA (AEG), were rejected. The tension between the two wings remains, paving the way for the exchange of accusations in the trial, which started on 23.AUG in the 6th section of the Judicial Court of Maputo City, in which, in addition to FN and AEG, the name of the former minister of Finance MANUEL CHANG (MC) will be the most cited.

The judicial sector is heavily controlled by FRELIMO and efforts are noted to prevent further erosion of the party's image. A list of 15 people, including analysts with links to the regime and members of civil society, are scheduled to participate in TV programs, to promote a more party-friendly version. READ MORE