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Angola: Campaign Against Opposition Redesigned in Light of New Circumstances

The regime indicates that it is “re-appreciating” the smear/pressure campaign that it has been covertly moving against ADALBERTO da COSTA JUNIOR (ACJ). The initiative's raison d'être is to dispel the reality of its own involvement in the campaign.
Among the “active measures” with which the regime (SINSE/MPLA/GAPI) has been fueling the campaign against ACJ, the one that most clearly revealed its involvement was the one that gave rise to the presentation in the Constitutional Court (TC) of an action to challenge his election as president of UNITA.
The regime's interest in "disengaging" from the ongoing process at the TC, which is itself considered unusual and of fragile foundation, is especially due to the inferences according to which the nature of its "sponsorship" to it constituted a demonstration of the " weak independence” of the courts from political power. READ MORE