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Guinea-Bissau: Sissoco Explores Political Movement and Bets on External Recognition

The situation in the Social Renewal Party (PRS), currently the 3rd largest party, remains uncertain due to the likelihood of adjournment of the congress scheduled for mid-SET. (AM 1312), under the pretext of reinforced measures to contain the pandemic, which prohibit gatherings of more than 50 people. However, changing the date of the congress can only be decided by the Political Committee of the party, which will have to meet for this purpose.
The MADEM-G15, divided between PR UMARO SISSOCO EMBALÓ (USE) supporters and the party coordinator, BRAIMA CAMARÁ (BC), ends up benefiting from internal tensions in the PRS. Both BC and USE are in favor of the status quo in the PRS, as they consider that a leader considered “weak” as AN allows the use of the PRS in favor of their respective political agendas.
While internal clarification remains delayed, USE continues its strategy of affirming its mandate externally, with strong support from Nigeria. READ MORE