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Mozambique: New Total Leader with LNG Project Recovery Mission

The decision to resume construction work on the Afungi natural gas complex (LNG) results from the gradual stabilization of security conditions in Cabo Delgado province over the past month, following the intervention of Rwandan troops, currently composed of c. 4,000 military and police (AM 1313). The use of external military support was imposed by Total, with the involvement of the French PR EMMANUEL MACRON, given the incapacity of the Mozambican Defense and Security Forces and months of hesitation on the part of the PR FILIPE NYUSI (FN) government.
The Area 4 consortium, led by Exxon Mobil and Eni, is awaiting confirmation of Total's schedules, given the future sharing of part of the Afungi gas complex in the common area (production and logistics), but expectations are optimistic.
The Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy, ERNESTO MAX TONELA (EMT), is preparing a “charm operation” to show the viability of LNG in Cabo Delgado, given the restoration of security in LNG areas. The operation's main target is Total, aiming to show that there are already security conditions created for the resumption of activities. READ MORE