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São Tomé and Príncipe: Patrice Returns to the Limelight, Sissoco Wins Ally

Although Evaristo Carvalho (EC), like Carlos Vila Nova, is an extension of Patrice Trovoada's (PT) power - given their lack of autonomous support - the political and institutional atmosphere of tension that surrounds the election is particularly favorable for the PR to come to constitute itself as a counter-power to the Government, using up to the limit the constitutional powers at its disposal, namely of vetoing legislation. The use of these powers should severely limit the Government's ability to act.

The institutional crisis that preceded the second round of elections, only resolved by EC – who, as the end of its term approached, revealed growing political independence, even motivating protests by the ADI and PT - will tend to be repeated, with the instrumentalization of institutions, namely courts, for the benefit of the cyclical interests of some of the political groups in dispute. READ MORE