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Cabo Verde: State Launches USD 50 Million Water and Sanitation Projects to Tender

At the municipal level, most of the funds will be carried out by the Municipality of Praia, CVE 250 million (EUR 2.7 million) in a set of works that include the improvement of sanitary conditions in family houses, the increase in the household connection of water and sewage and strengthening the waste collection and treatment system. The Municipality of S. Catarina de Santiago will have at its disposal CVE 196 million (EUR 2 million) and that of S. Vicente CVE 160 million (EUR 1.7 million).

For interventions provided by the Central Administration, 1.2 billion CVE (EUR 12.8 million) are contemplated. The main investments to be made are the improvement of the management of the urban sanitation network (CVE 540 million, EUR 5.7 million), the operationalization of the waste management plan of Ilha do Fogo and the conservation of species and habitats. READ MORE