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Guinea-Bissau: Dissociation of Drug Trafficking and Control of Military Mobilize Sissoco

A "more discrete" behavior has been reported by individuals allegedly or notoriously involved in drug trafficking-related activities since the US Department of State (SD) public announcement of the payment of a USD 5 reward millions for information leading to the arrest of the former CEMGFA of Guinea-Bissau (GB), Gen ANTÓNIO INDJAI.
The SD's initiative was calculated to counteract an upsurge in drug trafficking in the country (AM 1310), noted in recent months by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), which operates in the region from a station in Dakar. According to information considered reliable, the resuscitation that drug trafficking has been undergoing coincided in time with the country's withdrawal by ECOMIB. The phenomenon involves military and civilians, some of them involved in party-political life. READ MORE