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Angola: João Lourenço´s “ill fortune” in the USA

Based on the “general principle” that a president on a mission to New York (usually to participate in a UN meeting) never extends the trip to Washington unless for recognized reasons of state, JL is also the target of internal criticism, including diplomatic means, due to what are considered to have been the “disreputable” conditions for Angola on his trip to the capital.

JL had previously been informed of the impossibility of being received by JB for alleged “schedule reasons”. BARACK OBAMA, who had also been asked to meet, also communicated his unavailability. From the perspective of consulted sources, that should have been enough to make JL reconsider his visit to Washington.

The decision to keep it is attributed to the “promise” of an American congresswoman, KAREN BASS (KB), received by JL, to “guarantee” him of a meeting with NANCY PELOSI. The limited ability of her position to influence foreign policy is pointed out in the same circles as a sufficient reason to change the decision to go to Washington. READ MORE