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Mozambique: European Union Mission Trains 11 New Units Until 2023

In addition to EUTM, the UK and US have missions to train Mozambican military personnel to combat terrorism. Rwanda, which currently has the largest insurgency-fighting contingent in Cabo Delgado, with c. 3,000 men (AM 1318), also includes in its mission the training of the military and police, taking place in Cabo Delgado and Palma. The Rwandan contingent has been decisive in “sweeping” and recovering some regions of the province previously controlled by insurgent cells, contributing to the gradual normalization of the situation.

South African Paramount Group of IVOR ICHIKOWITZ, which holds a contract for the supply of military equipment and training of personnel, in turn subcontracted Burnham Global for a joint venture in the training of the FADM.

The SADC Mission in Mozambique (SAMIM) also includes military training, with Zimbabwean instructors, but it has not started yet as Zimbabwean troops have not been deployed to Cabo Delgado and there are no plans for this to happen in the next three months of the extension of SAMIM's mission. Lack of funds to finance the SADC mission is the main difficulty, according to military sources. READ MORE