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Mozambique: New Director of SERNIC Against Infiltration of Security Forces by Kidnap 'Mafias'

The infiltration of the State and, in particular, the Police (PRM) and the National Criminal Investigation Service (SERNIC), by organized criminal groups (mafias) dedicated to kidnappings, already identified in the past, has been evident in the most recent cases of abducted individuals. The situation has forced the Government to react, namely with the replacement of the DG of SERNIC, choosing for the position an element with no previous links to the police.

NELSON REGO (NR), the third director of SERNIC in 4 years, born in the province of Tete, comes from the State Information and Security Service (SISE) where he held the position of chief of staff to JÚLIO JANE, DG of SISE. NR replaced, at the beginning of OCT., DOMINGOS JOFANE (DJ), a career policeman who had previously exercised functions in the Civil Identification Department. DJ proved incapable of countering the degradation of the service and the growing involvement of its agents in various types of crime, including kidnappings, drug trafficking and the diversion of funds and material seized during police operations. READ MORE