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Angola: Campaign Against Adalberto Overshadows Lourenço; Current Focus on Preventing UNITA Congress

The campaign that the MPLA regime has been carrying out against ADALBERTO COSTA JÚNIOR (ACJ), with the deduced purpose of compromising his presentation to the 2022 general elections as UNITA's presidential candidate, is pointed out by consulted sources as the element which on a higher scale has contributed to internally erode the image/credibility of the PR, JOÃO LOURENÇO (JL).

In recent days, the campaign has been notoriously entering a phase of forcing. The purpose is to oppose/prevent the holding, 03-04.DEC, of ​​a UNITA congress. In view of the special circumstances that led to its calling, the congress, if it takes place, will culminate in the “empowerement” of ACJ at the head of UNITA.

According to consistent information, the aforementioned “forcing”, whose launch time coincided with JL's return from a trip abroad, was determined by himself. The actions set in motion, generally dissimulations, aim to destabilize/divide the party internally (or promote such an appearance) in order to make its congress unfeasible. READ MORE