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Guinea-Bissau: PRS Selects New President in Climate of Political Uncertainty

The number of candidates for the party leadership is symptomatic of the challenge to ALBERTO NAMBEIA (AN). Indicated as the best positioned to take the lead are FLORENTINO PEREIRA (FP), current SG, DOMINGOS QUADÉ (DQ), lawyer and legal and political adviser to AN, DIONÍSIO CABI (DC), former president of the Court of Auditors, MÁRIO FAMBÉ (MF), current Minister of Fisheries, AUGUSTO POQUENA, former SG, CERTÓRIO BIOTE, former head of the parliamentary group and vice president recently dismissed by AN (AM 1312) and ARTUR SANHÁ, the party's first SG after its foundation. AN was considered a re-candidate, but his health status may change this scenario. READ MORE