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Angola: Court Ruling on UNITA Raises Complaint to International Instances

A group of Angolan jurists, mostly lawyers and academics, proposes to analyze in detail the ruling of the Constitutional Court (TC) that dictated the annulment of the UNITA congress (AM 1322), with a view to identifying "illegalities" that it is supposedly riddled with. The purpose of the initiative is to file a complaint in national and international bodies.

The argument invoked by members of the group to justify their initiative is that they feel "ethically and morally" obliged to act in order to denounce and try to counteract the state of "extreme subordination" of the Angolan justice system to the MPLA´s political power - phenomenon that they consider patent not only in the content of the ruling, but also in the “unusual” circumstances that led to its production.

Aside from the "illegalities" of the ruling that had already been identified in advance, but now in the process of being subjected to a "legal scrutiny", the group is aware of information on initiatives carried out by the regime's superstructure, in the person of PR, JOÃO LOURENÇO (JL), with a view to conditioning and/or pressuring the TC to promote the aforementioned action, with the aim of removing ADALBERTO COSTA JÚNIOR (ACJ) from the leadership of UNITA. READ MORE