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Mozambique: “Second Lines” for Defense and Interior Consolidate Mangrasse´s Power

The appointments of Maj-Gen CRISTOVÃO CHUME (CC) to the post of Minister of Defense and of ARSENIA MASSINGUE (ARM) for the Interior resulted from particular circumstances related to the management of the conflict in Cabo Delgado, as determined.

If the appointment of CC, JM's loyal, aims to control the FADM through political means, “cutting back” the distance between PR Military Cabinet and the FADM in Cabo Delgado, already the reputation of ARM raises several questions that go beyond defense and security policy, centered on close relations with FN and BASÍLIO MONTEIRO (BM), former PRM commander, current secretary general of the National Defense and Security Council (CNDS). It was the BM himself, the former minister of the Interior, who suggested the name of the new minister. READ MORE