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Mozambique: Constantino Bacela, from Nyusi's Business Frontman to Minister of Civil Affairs

The discreet appointment of CONSTANTINO BACELA (CB) as Minister in the Presidency for Civilian Affairs, responsible for managing the “bridges” between the PR and the government is attributed by local sources to exclusive criteria of PR FILIPE NYUSI 's (FN) personal trust. CB replaced ADELAIDE AMURANE, in the post since 2015, and with long experience in different governments.

Originally from Inhambane, CB is a figure with no public notoriety, whose nomination came as a surprise for his lack of political weight or “godfathers” in FRELIMO. An agent of the State Information and Security Service (SISE), he had until now promoted a discreet posture of informal advice to the FN. Until his inauguration, he would not allow himself to be photographed in public.

In a short period of time, CB has become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country, managing companies with interests in the areas of construction, fuel, media, private security and auto retail. READ MORE