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Angola: Promotion of Electoral Fraud Replaces Campaign Against Adalberto Costa Júnior

The highly likely scenario of the re-election of ADALBERTO COSTA JÚNIOR (ACJ) for the presidency of UNITA, probably with a higher score than that of 2019, is seen internally in the regime as "final conformation" of the failure of the "campaign" aiming to isolate and remove him from political life, set in motion practically when more than two years ago he presented himself as a candidate to the UNITA leadership.

According to consulted sources, the recognition that the "campaign" against ACJ not only did not work as expected, but also produced counterproductive effects, now tends to lead to its slowdown and/or a concentration of efforts in the creation/reinforcement of conditions that allow the use of fraud as the main element of a new strategy to guarantee a victory for the MPLA in the 2022 elections. READ MORE