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Guinea-Bissau: Sissoco “Sustains” Armed Forces; Portugal's support for military training

The resumption of the participation of the FA in regional or international missions for the stabilization and pacification of areas of conflict and/or upheaval is one of USE's immediate goals in terms of its efforts to rehabilitate the country's image in general, and, in particular, to associate the FA with a democratic mission.

The FA participated regularly in such missions until 2012, the date of the last coup d'état in which they took an active part. Due to the effect of international sanctions justified by this, they would, however, be withdrawn. The sanctions with the most extensive impacts were those of the European Union, which even weakened the military cooperation maintained until then with Portugal.

The Minister of Defense of Portugal, JOÃO GOMES CRAVINHO is about to make an official visit to Bissau to conclude a new framework program of cooperation in the area of Defense for the next two years. READ MORE