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Mozambique: Mildness of Catholic Bishops Frustrates Popular Expectations

Church bishops spoke vaguely about the situation in Cabo Delgado, supporting the efforts of the Government and foreign military contingents on the ground, omitting to address issues related to human rights violations, hunger and the abandonment of displaced people who have been waiting for months to return to their homes, remaining in precarious conditions.

The conflict in the "central region” with the Junta Militar, a dissident group from the current leadership of RENAMO, whose leader MARIANO NONGO was recently shot down in poorly clarified circumstances (AM Flash 102), was also not the object of any reference, despite the historic proximity between the Church and RENAMO.

Other aspects omitted by CEMA were the political situation in the country, where organized crime has infiltrated the State's security services, and corruption persists across the public sector without the justice system acting effectively. READ MORE