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São Tomé and Príncipe: Jorge Bom Jesus Under Internal Pressure For His Replacement

A trend is emerging among MLSTP/PSD leaders and staff that advocates the “replacement” of JORGE BOM JESUS ​​(JBJ) in the party's presidency and, at the same time, in the head of the Government. The purpose of the measure, considered “urgent”, is not to expose the party to JBJ's unpopularity, thus avoiding a defeat in the legislative elections scheduled for OCT.2022.
The movement of internal contestation to JBJ, already mentioned in the foregoing (AM 1249), acquired increased force following the presidential elections of SEP. The defeat of the MLSTP/PSD candidate, GUILHERME POSSER da COSTA (GPC), was considered a reflection of elements which included the unpopularity of JBJ and its government and, additionally, the MLSTP/PSD. READ MORE