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Angola: Autocratic Trends to Facilitate Electoral Fraud

The scenario of an autocratic reinforcement of the regime is seen in the same circles as a natural consequence of "democratic setbacks" induced by decisions/measures taken in the last two years - generally already under the effects of the "imperative" to ensure its survival in an adverse political-electoral environment.
Due to the magnitude that the regime's unpopularity reached, including specific characteristics of the phenomenon, in particular the boldness and fearlessness noted in individual and collective manifestations of disaffected layers of the population, the regime's radicalization proposals are seen increasingly as an "unprudent" backdrop favorable to electoral fraud.
Under the pretext of "renewal of cadres" and gender parity, the number of members of the future Central Committee (CC) of the MPLA will increase from 497 to 693, with the entry of youth militants (18-35 years old) and women (346 candidates and 347 candidates, renewing 51% of members). The approval of the resolution to expand the body came from an extraordinary session of the CC, chaired by JOÃO LOURENÇO (JL). The party's VIII Congress, 09-10.DEC will approve JL's presidential candidacy, this time by open vote (raised arm) instead of secret ballot. READ MORE