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Mozambique: Insurgent Dispersion to the South Threatens SASOL

At the end of NOV., the UIR completed the formation of several special mobile sub-units to operate in district capitals in the provinces of Cabo Delgado, Niassa, Nampula, Zambézia and Inhambane. In all, 12 sub-units are expected to be operational, of which five are in Cabo Delgado, two in Niassa, two in Nampula, one in Zambézia and one in Inhambane, sensitive regions (such as Palma, Mocímboa or Quissanga) or at risk of the jihadist threat (such as Pebane, Mecula or Inhassoro).
The difficulties of the terrain in Niassa are viewed with concern by the FDS. The region's topography allows insurgents to find safe refuge areas, giving them the opportunity to regroup until the end of the rainy season. The possibility of using Niassa as a rearguard base remains credible, since the percentage of Muslims in the region is one of the highest, facilitating infiltration. READ MORE