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Mozambique: Risk of splits in the MDM after Lutero Simango elected as new leader

The III Congress of the Democratic Movement of Mozambique (MDM), 03-05.DEC., to elect the new president after the death of its founder DAVIZ SIMANGO (DS), confirmed the favoritism of DS' older brother, LUTERO SIMANGO (AM 1304), MP for 25 years and head of the MDM parliamentary bench for 15 years.
LS had in his favor the political and party experience, as well as the public projection, in a party where he was, since its foundation, alongside DS. The wing of critics attributes the recent electoral losses of the MDM to its connotation with the Simango family (“dynasty”).
LS' victory comes in a context of internal divisions. Party sources point out serious irregularities and a clear intention of LS' candidacy to annul the only candidate capable of presenting a challenge to him: JOSÉ DOMINGOS MANUEL (JDM), SG of the party that temporarily replaced the president until the extraordinary congress was held. READ MORE