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Guinea-Bissau: Sissoco Clashes With Nabian and Forges Own Party

The political situation in Guinea-Bissau has clouded over in a way considered "exacerbated" due to a sudden worsening of the climate of disputes and mutual mistrust that has marked the institutional/personal relationship between the PR, UMARU SISSOCO EMBALÓ (USE) and the PM, NUNO GOMES NABIAN (NGN). However, a Government collapse is not expected, given the existence of multiple containment factors.

The case of the arrest at the airport of Bissau, NOV., of an Airbus A340 aircraft coming from Banjul, was the main cause of the deterioration of relations between USE and NGN.

The scenario of a complete fallout between USE and NGN, which in the midst of the crisis of the "airplane case" was considered imminent, possibly through the resignation of the PM and his government, was only avoided due to factors that led the PR to consider the moment unfavorable, bearing in mind that the act would imperatively have to give way to initiatives by himself out of step with the circumstances of the present. READ MORE