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Mozambique: Setback in Palma District and Conflict Spreading from Cabo Delgado to Southwest

"Clean up" operations continue in Cabo Delgado by Rwandan and SAMIM contingents, with information from recent days on the capture, by SADC forces, of five insurgents in Nangade district and another in Macomia district. Ambushes continued by small armed cells against patrols by the Armed Forces for the Defense of Mozambique (FADM) and SAMIM in various parts of the province.

The spread of the insurgency to Niassa and the resurgence of conflict outbreaks in Tanzanian territory are referred to as a reflectionM inability for containment by the FADM, which should have ensured the impassability of internal (from Cabo Delgado) and external (Tanzania) borders.

Maritime safety is being increased, with the approaching date of arrival of the floating platform (FLNG), produced in South Korea and currently en route to Cabo Delgado, expected to enter Mozambican waters in mid-JAN.2022.READ MORE