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Angola: Efforts Towards Lourenço-Adalberto Appeasement

The perspectives of political radicalization that have been growing (AM 1329) as the regime's "option" aimed at facing the "threat" to its continuation in power that it considers personified by the opposition, are now giving rise to discreet initiatives by figures from the regime itself tending to open a dialogue between JOÃO LOURENÇO (JL) and ADALBERTO COSTA JÚNIOR (ACJ), seen as capable of defusing the current situation.

FERNANDO MIALA (FM), head of SINSE, is appointed by close sources as one of the figures that shows the most effort in a JL-ACJ approach. He is also attributed with the idea that the Archbishop of Luanda, D. FILOMENO VIEIRA DIAS, is the personality endowed with the best attributes to exercise the role of "facilitator" of the aforementioned approximation. He enjoys the trust of ACJ.

Fears that the situation will evolve towards political radicalization have risen in recent weeks, reflecting the emergence of "conclusive signs" that the regime is determined to continue using the Constitutional Court (TC) to serve the purposes of its political-electoral agenda. READ MORE