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Guinea-Bissau: Simões Pereira Strengthens PAIGC Control in Face of Internal Opposition

The internal opposition to DOMINGOS SIMÕES PEREIRA (DSP), president of the PAIGC, gathered in a "front" (AM 1334) of which includes OCTÁVIO LOPES (OL), pre-candidate, ARTUR SILVA, GILBERTO CHARIFO, HOUSSEIN FARHAT, MÁRIO DIAS SAMI (MDS) and MARTILENE dos SANTOS, until now the only formal candidacy of the internal opposition. DSP has periodically been the target of internal opposition, including from the president of the National Popular Assembly CIPRIANO CASSAMÁ, which it has resisted (AM 1301).

Despite its history, namely the strategy of contesting the results of the presidential elections through successive resources and the use of external support for his “cause”, DSP states that he will accept the results of the FEB. congress. According to internal sources, the internal opposition's chances of success are still limited by the fact that the congress is “armored” in DSP´s favor, creating a core of internal support to pressure and neutralize any sign of threat to his leadership. READ MORE