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Mozambique: Filipe Nyusi and Celso Correia's Political Survival Strategy

A possible third term for FN (AM 1288), promoted by some of his supporters, would require an amendment to the Constitution, which currently limits presidential terms to two, five years each. The Constitution can only be revised once every five years, and given that it was revised in MAY.2018, only in MAY.2022 would a new amendment be possible, four months before Congress.

In this sense, according to party sources, the focus of FN and his inner circle is now to ensure the transfer of the Presidency to someone of trust, who guarantees protection in the event of a possible lawsuit after the end of his current mandate. FN has been repeatedly cited in the so-called “Hidden Debts” trial (AM 1314), associated with receiving at least USD 2 million in bribes from Privinvest for his campaign in 2014, in addition to other offers for himself and his children - cases of a Land Cruiser used in the campaign and a house bought in South Africa in the name of JACINTO NYUSI, his eldest son. READ MORE