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Angola: The "Brutal" Exoneration of Paulo de Almeida

The dismissal of PAULO de ALMEIDA (PA) from the position of Commander-General (CG) of the Police is generally interpreted as a measure with which the PR, JOÃO LOURENÇO (JL), intended to hold someone responsible and punish an act that in the nature of authoritarian regime and the regime's praxis were out of the question to leave unpunished, under penalty of a "serious precedent".

The aforementioned act, 10.JAN, consisted of the intrusion/vandalization of a local MPLA committee (CAP in Benfica, a neighborhood in Luanda), carried out by a horde of young people. From a police station, located nearby, there was no reaction to the occurrence. The MPLA is seen as a "symbol" of the regime and the Police an "instrument" to defend it – elements of the "grave precedent" associated with the case. READ MORE