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Mozambique - FADM Military Training "Triangle" Mobilizes USA, EU and Rwanda

Rwanda completes the military training triangle in Mozambique, with the direct participation of a contingent of over 2,000 military and police stationed in Cabo Delgado, part of which are engaged in offensive and static security operations (Afungi).

According to military sources, Rwanda is currently the best placed country to form the FADM, as it is the only one with real knowledge of the terrain conditions in Cabo Delgado. Both the EU and the US are too far from the conflict zone, lacking current and operational information.

The creation of joint teams of the Mozambican police (PRM) and the Rwanda National Police (RNP) to guarantee security in the main population centers of the province and to act upstream of the ongoing military operations in the region will be one of the priorities of the planned training. The training of special operations units is another aspect contemplated. READ MORE