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Mozambique: Natural Gas Exploration Areas in Tender Despite Uncertain Context

The tender must be concluded at the end of FEB.2022, and the announcement of pre-qualified applications must take place by the end of MAR.2022. Until the end of AUG.2022, the analysis period remains open. Announcement of results will take place before DEC.2022. The participation of Empresa Nacional de Hidrocarbonetos (ENH, public) is mandatory, subject to a minimum participation of 20%, and the percentage attributed is given as a relevant evaluation criterion.

The investments required for the set of areas in the bidding process are significant, taking into account the exploration costs. The wells will have depths between 600-3,000 m in an international context where the price of oil and LNG, despite the current highs, remain volatile and, with an impact on the profitability of investments. Tullow Oil, of Irish origin and based in London, even drilled two wells in 2013 in the R6-C area, with the discovery of quantities of crude oil reserves unviable commercially. READ MORE