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Angola: Fears of Instability With Regime Fixation in Fraud

The policies that the regime has been following with a view to holding general elections, SEP.2022, are giving rise, in intelligence circles, to considerations according to which a considerable part of them, described as "in contradiction with reality", tend to increase the risk of Angola falling into an environment of political and social instability.

The admitted instability scenarios are, in general, considered to result from clashes between the supposed determination of the regime (AM 1338) to manipulate the electoral process (ultimate purpose of its policies) and the new capacity that the opposition and civil society have been revealing to counter this trend. The absence of dialogue between the regime and the opposition in general is seen as an "aggravating element" of the situation.

MPLA cadres identified as critics of the policies of PR JOÃO LOURENÇO (JL) have been advocating the establishment of a dialogue between him and the opposition leader, ADALBERTO COSTA JÚNIOR (ACJ), with a view to the celebration of a political compromise considered capable of avoiding a post-electoral crisis and, therefore, of preventing possible instability. READ MORE