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Mozambique: SADC Military Effectiveness 'Hostage' to South African Loss of Military Capabilities

The deterioration of South Africa's military capabilities, with effects on combat readiness, is being operationally reflected in the objectives and effectiveness of the action of SAMIM (SADC mission in Mozambique) in Cabo Delgado. Air coverage and support for operations on the ground is considered essential for eliminating the insurgent threat in the region.

Pointed out by military sources as revealing that the initial gains of foreign contingents in Cabo Delgado are not stabilized is the resurgence of simultaneous attacks by Islamic-inspired armed cells, namely in Nangade, a district located next to the border with Tanzania, practically besieged and isolated since 18.FEB, in addition to other outbreaks of insurrection that have been recurring since the beginning of the year. READ MORE