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Angola: Russian Preponderance in Security Leads to Ukraine Crisis "Neutrality"

The neutrality followed by the Angolan regime (government and MPLA) in relation to the invasion of Ukraine is considered "illusory" in diplomatic circles in Luanda; the existence of an "inclination" in favor of Russia has until now been discreet, but will tend to become more evident in the event of a successful military campaign in the neighboring country.

The aforementioned "inclination", referred to "guidelines" emanating from the PR, taking into account the regime's decision-making chain, is attributed to two reasons – in particular:
- Permanent: the superior importance/nature of the ties between Angola and Russia, particularly in the political, military and security spheres.
- Circumstantial: the positive effects that could result from a success of Russia in Ukraine, with a view to a reconditioning of internal policy capable of putting even more pressure on the opposition and, thereby, manipulating the elections scheduled for AUG.2022 – an artifice considered indispensable for its retention in power. READ MORE