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Mozambique: Nyusi Adjusts Government in Preparation for FRELIMO Congress

PR FILIPE NYUSI (FN) proceeded on 03.MAR with a vast Government reshuffle that covered seven ministries, some in key sectors, and the dismissal of the PM himself, a politically unimportant position in the Mozambican political system. Former PM CARLOS AGOSTINHO do ROSÁRIO is a discreet “Chissanista” (close to former PR JOAQUIM CHISSANO).

Possibility that was not confirmed as PM was that of CELSO CORREIA (CC), Minister of Rural Development and right-hand man of FN, in addition to raising funds for electoral campaigns and for the party. Internal opposition in FRELIMO will have prevented the appointment of CC, placed on the table by FN.The succession of FN has fueled a dispute between the main “families” of FRELIMO, with the group currently in power, assigned to FN, trying to control the process. The various wings of the party have sought to rally support, and potential candidates are positioning themselves for the race. Of the five most likely candidates, four have already been the target of attempts at political liquidation or isolation.READ MORE